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About Us

Stubbs Miniatures are Dawn and Martyn  Stubbs. We have been exhibiting at Dolls House Miniature Fairs for the last few  years and are having a brilliant response to our new range of handmade, dressed dolls house miniatures Modern and Tudor. All our handmade dolls house miniature  beds, tables, chests, dressing rooms, dress rails and clothing are all one of a  kind and we welcome commissions.

I have 4 Robert Stubbs beautiful Tudor Houses - the largest being 5ft in length on a 7ft matching storage cupboard. I have listed some pictures to show the exterior and the interior. When Martyn bought me this house each room was different, just like room boxes and unfortunately some rooms had been decorated with paper. I have decided to leave it as decorated and match furnishings to the decor. I haven't quite finished it yet, still moving furniture around! 

   /live/pages/P1060546resize.jpg    /live/pages/P1060547resize.jpg  

Here are some interior photos of the large 13 roomed house, more to follow

/live/pages/P1060561resize.jpg    /live/pages/P1060562resize.jpg   


/live/pages/P1060563resize.jpg    /live/pages/P1060564resize.jpg


 /live/pages/P1060557resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060558resize.jpg

                                                                               Martyn made me this table this weekend - just waiting 

                                                                               for benches!!  

 /live/pages/P1060545resize2.jpg   /live/pages/P1060559resize.jpg

 Here are more photos of my other 3 houses and some interior rooms 

/live/pages/P1060552resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060553resize.jpg

/live/pages/P1060582resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060571resize.jpg


/live/pages/P1060565resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060567resize.jpg

Wedding Party - Tudor brides wore red dresses but I dressed this Heidi Ott doll in ivory. The ajoining room has banqueting table complete with Tudor food, and fire glowing in fireplace.

/live/pages/P1060566resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060583resize.jpg

Trying to settle new baby before joining the banquet     This is the middle Tudor House complete with shop

/live/pages/P1060568resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060569resize.jpg

/live/pages/P1060576resize.jpg   /live/pages/P1060570resize.jpg

/live/pages/P1060584resize.jpg  /live/pages/P1060579resize.jpg

/live/pages/P1060577resize.jpg  /live/pages/P1060581resize.jpg





Dawn & Martyn Stubbs

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